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Muzik M, et al.  Family Social Support Modifies the Relationships Between Childhood Maltreatment Severity, Economic Adversity and Postpartum Depressive Symptoms.  Matern Child Health J. 2017 First study to demonstrate interrelationships between income and social support on resilience to postpartum depressive symptoms (PDS) in childhood trauma-surviving women. 

Moffitt T  Childhood exposure to violence and lifelong health:  Clinical intervention science and stress biology research join forces.  Dev Psychopath. 2013 Evidence of stress-sensitive measures of children exposed to violence (inflammatory reactions, telomere erosion, epigenetic methylation, gene expression, neuroimaging, neuropsychological testing) 

Giovanelli A, et al. Adverse childhood experiences and adult well-being in a low-income, urban cohort. Pediatrics. 2016. 1,202 low-income, minority participants in Chicago Longitudinal Study. Children with 4 or more ACEs had significantly reduced likelihood of high school graduation and increased risk for depression, health compromising behaviors, juvenile arrest, and felony charges.