THEN's Mission is to BRIDGE the GAP between
- the explosion of emerging research about trauma and chronic disease, and
the very slow application of this important science to medical education and clinical care to promote healing and social justice.

THEN is dedicated to understanding and addressing the roots of Health Disparity - especially the role of Everyday Discrimination.

Equally important to understanding Trauma, THEN is committed to celebrating new concepts and programs that BUILD HOPE.  Visit our section on PREVENTING and HEALING TRAUMA and learn about the impact of Positive Childhood Experiences on Child Development and lifelong health.

THEN is a small, physician-led non-profit in Chicago - with over 70 years combined experience in teaching and care of patients with complex illness.  THEN offers a rigorous, science-based NEW APPROACH to Health, Medical Care and Social Justice based on Brain-Body Regulation.

 this short VIDEO for a preview of scientific research about the impact of Trauma, highlighting why the recognition of Discrimination as a Complex Trauma is key to unlocking the mystery of Health Disparity 

Watch the video


Science - Education
Science - Education

At the intersection of Trauma-Adversity, Health and Health Equity, and Neurobiology, THEN offers a science-based curriculum including Scientific References, Illustrated Glossary, Books and Videos.

We invite you to learn the profound science of Brain-Body Regulation and embed it into your theory, teaching, clinical practice and research.


THEN is building a Diverse Community linking students-trainees, faculty and activists studying Trauma, Health Equity, Neurobiology and System Science.

We partner with Faculty from Medical Schools and Healthcare Programs to develop curricula from an introductory to advanced levels.


Trauma is personal for everyone.

Research shows that Traumatic Experience is at the root of Chronic Illness, Emotional Suffering and Health Disparities.
Our Website includes discussion of Trauma that may be disturbing or re-awaken personal trauma.

Our intent is to honor everyone’s experience.
We hope this information can inspire us to partner in identifying root causes of disease and in co-creating programs of true prevention and healing.
To help deal with potentially disturbing impact: please visit our sections on Secondary Trauma and suggestions for Self Care.



The educational materials provided by the THEN Center are for general educational purposes only.  These are not a substitute for university education.

Clinicians must always practice in accordance with their respective regulatory guidelines and current level of professional training.

The content on the THEN Website is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other healthcare provider.