Circadian - Biorhythms

Classic Articles

Emens JS, Burgess H. Effect of Light and Melatonin and Other Melatonin Receptor Agonists on Human Circadian Physiology. Sleep Med Clin.  2015.  Circadian (body clock) timing has a profound influence on mental and physical health. Overview of human circadian system is provided.  

Dayan J, Rauchs G, Guillery-Girard B. Rhythms dysregulation: a new perspective for understanding PTSD?  J Physiol Paris 2017.  Highlights:  Biological dysfunctions may be seen as dysregulation in endocrine rhythm, sleep organization, and synchrony in brain activity. Knowledge of biological rhythms may help explain heterogeneity of PTSD and shed light on association with frequent medical disorders. 

Articles by Date

Sobolewska-Wlodarczyk A, Wlodarczyk M, Szemraj J, et al.  Circadian rhythm abnormalities – Association with the course of inflammatory bowel disease.   Pharmacy Rep.  2016.  Current knowledge about relationship between circadian rhythm disorders, sleep disturbance and inflammation in the GI tract (Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis).