NEW Articles

Christaki (2022) Stress, Inflammation and Metabolic Biomarkers. Children.  Study of child body composition and association with stress, inflammation, and metabolism. Overweight and obese children had higher Anxiety scores plus higher inflammatory markers and worsening of insulin resistance.  


CLASSIC Articles

Mason SM, Austin SB, Bakalar JL, et al.  Child maltreatment’s heavy toll:  the need for trauma-informed obesity prevention.  Am J Prev Med  2016.  REVIEW ARTICLE:  Evidence of child maltreatment-obesity association and existing research on physiologic mechanisms.  Highlights impact of physical and sexual abuse, community violence, and peer bullying. 

More Articles

Kwarteng JL, et al.  Independent Effects of Neighborhood Poverty & Psychosocial Stress on Obesity.  Urban Health.  2017.   Community sample of 157 Black, White, and Hispanic adults.  Neighborhoods with high concentrations of poverty and everyday unfair treatment independently heighten risk of increased central adiposity. 

Masodkar K, et al.  A Review of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder and Obesity:  Exploring the Link. Prim Care Companion CNS. 2016. 

Richardson A. et.al. The association between childhood sexual and physical abuse with incident adult severe obesity across 13 years of the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent HealthPediatric Obesity   2014.