The Science of REGULATION

Deep knowledge about REGULATION is the foundation of understanding Health.

REGULATION is the built-in ("inborn") ability of the Brain-Body to maintain a stable internal physical environment and steady mental-emotional clarity.  
There are also many Regulatory Activities that we can use to improve physical and emotional regulation. 

Regulation  -  PART 1:  the Science

The Science of REGULATION.   Learn:

  • What is Regulation?
  • What does Brain-Body Regulation Look Like?
  • How the roots of Regulation are formed in Early Childhood


Regulation  -  PART 2:  Seeing Health through the Lens of REGULATION

Regulation and Brain-Body Health Learn:

  • How the Brain-Body maintains REGULATION through signaling
  • The health impact of Dysregulation
  • The importance of SLEEP – the Great Regulator
Regulation  -  Part 3:   Practical Applications

Developing and Restoring REGULATION Learn:

  • How to apply the Science
  • How fine-tuning the Brain-Body Connection improves REGULATION
  • 10 easy, free ways we can all build our Brain-Body Regulation and improve our health