Restoring the Self and Care of our Community

THEN believes that Care of the Community includes addressing the roots of trauma and injustice – and using reflection and action to redefine accountability – to ourselves, to others and to the world.

Research has shown that up to 80% of clinicians have a personal history of significant trauma.  Additionally, all clinicians experience Secondary Trauma everyday by taking care of others with illness and suffering.

Video   (7 minutes)  

Board Certified Integrative Medicine-Family Medicine physician and THEN Co-Founder, Dr. Audrey Stillerman discusses:

  • Importance of Self Care when working with Trauma
  • Ideas for Restoring the Self
  • 2-minute Mindfulness Exercise
  • Key role of Community and why making connections builds Regulation and Resilience

Equality Ohio. Self and Community Care Toolkit.   2021.  Accessed March 4, 2022.